Have you ever wondered what are the reasons girls only love bad boys? It often irritates good guys that all women have an illogical soft spot for massive jerks and they find them very appealing. Although they regret the experience afterwards the soft spot is still there. The appeal, unpredictability, and masculinity make them go weak on their knees.

Here Are 10 Honest Reasons That Will Tell You Why Girls Only Love Bad Boys!

1. They Are Unpredictable And It Keeps Them on Edge.

When you are unpredictable you are never boring and who doesn’t wants to have unlimited access to fun in life? Unpredictability is greater appeal than wearing nice suits and being very polite.

2. Girls Often Mistake Nice Guys For Weak Guys.

This rumor has been established and they totally feel it. They take nice guys for weak guys and this is why girls only love bad guys.

3. Bad Guys Come With Reckless Force Add It Attracts The Opposite S3x To A Much Greater Extent.

They do what their heart desires and are bold. This is the strongest reason why girls are attracted towards bad guys.

4. It Makes Them Feel Good When The Bad Boys Turn Good For Them.

This is something very weird but yes it is true. They want some person who can turn good only for them. It makes them feel loved and desired.

5. Girls Usually Want What They Cannot Have.

This is a tendency that everyone has. They usually ask for things that they cannot have. According to girls, bad boys are attractive as hell and thus they want them badly.

6. Bad Boys Help Them To Step Out Of Line.

Being nice doesn’t help you to be a wanderer or even step out of line. Abd boys help break free the chains and then it feels like free spirit meeting a wild spirit.

7. They Are More Fun And Do Not Require Any Commitments.

These guys are usually fun until and unless they are into commitments. Maximum people do not love commitments these days. All they want is to have fun in life.

8. The Personality Of Good Guys Doesn’t Seem Genuine These Days.

It feels like they are faking their decency. It is very hard to be nice in today’s world and this is one of the reasons why they aren’t attracted towards good guys.

9. Bad Boys Are In Abundancy!

Well, it not hard to find a bad boy as they are in abundance. This is simplest of the reasons why girls only fall in love with bad guys.

10. Nice Boys Are Nice To Everyone.

Although this is a good thing but that is the reason nice boys aren’t able to make their woman feel special.

11. The Energy And Aura Around Bad Boys Attracts Girls.

The bad boys are full of energy and this is what a girl wants.