A third grader woke up to very loud groaning pains outside of his home. For most 3rd graders, they wake up to breakfast and getting ready to an excited day at school.

This day was the total opposite for this young man as he decided to check to see where those sounds came from and he did something that many kids age may not have done.

Caleb Hunt of Conway, Arkansas was just the typical young man who probably thought he would just have a simple Thursday, going to school, talking to friends, taking the occasional pop quiz. But on that day, he went from the typical child to child hero after his courageous act for a woman who lived across the street from him.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and ages and this 81-Year-Old woman realized just that when Caleb came to her rescue.
Caleb stated that he has her his neighbor, Sue Watson, moaning out for help. It sounded like “groaning,” as he described, and he realized instantly that something wasn’t right. That’s when he saw her.

“It was a groaning noise calling for help and I looked out the window and she was on the ground in the garage,” Caleb told Arkansas Matters.

Sue had gone outside to put her trash on the curb when en route she took a nasty spill in the garage, which ultimately resulted in a broken hip for the frail woman. She was stranded and helpless on the floor of her garage for some time, despite the garage door being open and many people passing her home and not noticing the struggling woman.

Caleb lived by his parents’ rules to always report to them before leaving the house, but this morning he knew what he had to do to save this ailing woman’s life, as others passed her by. Taking the chance of being punished for not waking his parents to inform them he was going outside, Caleb ran to the 81-year-old’s rescue. Realizing her hurting condition, the child hero booked it back to his house and called 911.
His efforts saved this precious woman, who was someone’s mother and grandmother. Sue’s son was quick to give credit to the brave little boy, acknowledging his superhero status for saving his aging woman when nobody else paid attention. “Absolutely he’s a hero,” said the fall victim’s son, Tom Watson. “I mean any young kid that takes the time to help others period, especially someone in stress like that.”

But the boy’s good deed didn’t end with him saving her life. He later visited his neighbor in the hospital as she was recovering to let her know she didn’t need to worry about taking out the garbage because he would do it for her.

This boy was raised right by a mother and father who taught him compassion for others and to go above and beyond to help another person. Caleb is a gem, mixed into a generation of kids who would rather think about themselves and what people can do for them, rather than how they can be a help to others.