A 6-year-old girl from North Carolina has drowned inside of a pool after she climbed over a neighbor’s locked gate. May she rest in peace.
According to sad reports, the incident occurred in Gastonia where the girl in question, Za’myah Judge, got into an above-ground pool.

Investigators say that Za’myah stacked chairs against the gate so that she could climb over it as it was securely locked. She then got into the water, prompting her younger brother to run to get help. Sadly, she didn’t resurface.

Speaking to local sources, Za’myah’s mother, Christian Cash, said: “I never even knew this man had a pool next door.
“Why? Why? She still had her whole life ahead of her; she was 6 years old. She was pure; she was innocent.”
The distraught mother told how her daughter had snuck away from the house while she was busy cleaning. The family had planned to go a community pool that same day.

“No one will ever take her place and life will never be the same without her,” she said.
As per reports, Christian reveled that she thought Za’myah was in her bedroom.

“They had snuck out,” Cash said. “The whole time I’m thinking she’s in her bedroom, they’re outside.”
Za’myah’s brother, Za-muney, then came running in to say that his sister had got into the neighbor’s pool.
“I said, ‘what pool?’” Cash recalled. “I started screaming and screaming and screaming.”

A friend of Za’myah’s family, Ronnie Barnwell, pulled the young girl from the pool, but it was too late to save her. She was pronounced dead after being rushed to CaroMont Regional Medical Center.

Rest in peace, Za’myah. Please share this story on Facebook to remind all parents to maintain extreme vigilance.