President Trump has been in the White House for over a year now. He has achieved so much in an effort to “Make America Great Again” and so many across the county are proud, honored and happy to have him as our President.

Recently, one woman in Indiana chose to do something amazing in honor of Trump. She quilted a U.S. flag that she believes was inspired by God to give to President Trump.

“Betty Alexander, 85, told the South Bend Tribune she recently finished making a quilt for President Trump that features a large American flag. ‘When I was thinking ‘who’s this quilt going to be for,’ the Holy Spirit just told me it should be for President Trump,'” Fox News. reports.

Betty Alexander began creating the quilt after falling and breaking her hip four months ago. She thought that making the quilt would help her focus as she worked towards recovery.

The quilt, which includes an American flag, is sized for a queen-sized bed, reported Fox. However, Betsy says it should be used for something else in the White House.

“But he won’t use it for his bed,” she told the paper. “It’s just for show,” she said.

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