A 2-year-old abandoned stray dog wandering on streets of South Carolina has recently been captured by animal control. We all know that both dogs and humans have their amazing stories to tell but it’s the poor canines that don’t possess the ability to vocally express their thoughts.

The case of this 2-year-old dog named Soldier by the animal shelter staff was able to really baffle everyone. A mysterious black and white photograph of a man was discovered hidden neatly in his newish dog collar. The picture provides the image of a man dressed in what it appears to be a military uniform. This is why the dog shelter staff named the dog Soldier.

The pit bull Soldier now resides at the Greenville County Animal Care and has no microchip or any tags whatsoever. Only the mysterious picture of what is speculated to be the dog’s owner. Sadly, there is neither a name nor a date stamp on the old photo.

The shelter staff stated that they have seen another weird dogs and everything like for example a couple of years ago they found a dog on a parking lot wearing a cape. They also stated that the dog behaves really good and is a little skinny, but with proper treating Soldier will regain his weight in no time.