We live in a sick world, where women have to be vigilant and take care whenever they leave the house.

And it seems that it will always be, unfortunately. We don’t know one woman who feels comfortable walking alone in a forest or park when it is dark outside – because although most violence against women occurs in the walls of the house, the fear that a stranger will assault and attack is always in the head.

This nightmare became a reality for one woman in Seattle. She went out for an evening jog when she was attacked and raped. But this time, the attacker had no idea who he was attacking.

It was a regular Sunday afternoon.

Kelly Herron went out for her usual run, running for a marathon.

But this run was a one she would never be able to erase from her memory.

Kelly ran six miles when she stopped in a public toilet.

Suddenly, as Kelly stood near the sink, she was attacked from behind.

A man hid in one of the cells and waited for the woman to attack.

The man pushed Kelly to the floor and began beating her. But today, the scumbag was not going to get what he wanted.

Instead of freezing in panic and fear, Kelly’s adrenalin took over. She gathered all her strength and fought back.

“I fought for my life screaming, I bit his face, pushed him back, and desperately tried to avoid his grip – I did not give up for a minute”, Kelly wrote in her Instagram page.

But that was not all.

What the man didn’t know was that Kelly had taken self-defense classes. Now she used all her knowledge … and overcame his assailant.

She fought and fought and managed to get free of him, jumped at her feet – and managed to push the man into one of the toilets and locked him inside.

She left the man locked in the bathroom until the police arrived and stopped him.

“I have stitches inside, I have blue marks all over my body, but my mind remains intact”, Kelly wrote.

The man was arrested and charged with rape.

Kelly has amazing power and a fighting spirit that proves her body does not belong to anyone else!


Kelly shared her story at Instagram, where she inspires other women to stand up against violence!