Franco Valauba was at the airport waiting for his flight to board. He felt that the gears were weighing on his body, already elderly, while he rested part of his weight on the cane and another on the chair in the waiting room. He looked up and saw that the gate on his flight had changed. Damn aeronautical agents, they call this organizational. It’s a joke for older people.

Coincidentally, an airport security agent passed by nearby and heard the old man complain. He addressed it in a friendly voice. Excuse me, sir, do you want us? To order a wheelchair or cart to. Help get you around? The old man was about to make a fuss for having offended him, making him look like a decrepit, but he thought better of it and ended up asking for a wheelchair with an attendant. The truth is that I complained, and this good man is only doing his job.

He’s not like a lady who is easily offended by it, he told himself. The assistant arrived a few minutes later, and Franco climbed without saying a word about the wheelchair. Then he gave both workers a brief thank you and resumed his way to the assigned gate. The friendly assistant walked at a brisk pace through the corridors of the airport. Seeing the old man’s small briefcase, she said, sir, do you have any more luggage? Would you like an attendant to take care of yours upon arrival at your destination?

Franco, in a carefree voice, replied, It’s not necessary, dear. Older people travel light to make life easier. The woman didn’t speak anymore during the entire journey, which lasted about 10 minutes. She left the old man in front of the boarding gate and said goodbye with a kind smile. Well, they’re nice, but not too intrusive.

That’s good, Franco thought to himself. It was another 10 minutes before the boarding gate opened to the public. The old man sat in a chair that was facing the large window, where you could see the planes getting ready and some even taking off. He remembered a happy time in his. Childhood when he thought those devices were. Giant monsters that ate people. He believed that this supposed trip that.

He was making with his parents was nothing more than a hoax and that they would soon be devoured. Mom, this is wrong. That plane is nothing but a monster and it’s going to eat us all. I don’t think anything can fly that heavy, I swear. His mother looked at him with an annoyed and tired expression. Franco was her eldest son, and she still had three smaller and more energetic. Children to take care of. Franco, stop fooling around.

That’s a plane. There’s no monster. Please behave yourself because I have to take care of your brothers. The frightened child then did not understand how his parents seem to be so calm in the face of the danger of entering a metal trap that would engulf them. Franco had grown up in a simple and orderly environment. He had never left his town, and the most modern thing he knew were.

The cars that crossed the roads at full speed. However, as his father had told him, those machines were incredibly expensive and only rich people had them. He never thought that in a city there could be so many people capable of buying one. He was all the way to the airport, trying to understand his father’s explanation that many of these cars were leased by the government to help people get. Around, that others worked with the cars.

And that others just rented them. Not everyone who drives a car necessarily owns it, Franco. It’s the same with the planes we’re about to board. The boy thought that an airplane would indeed be a kind of car capable. Of giving the sensation of flying due to its speed. He never imagined that he would literally fly. Looking out the window of the airport, he verified that airplanes were nothing like a car and that they also sailed through the skies despite being very heavy. But the most disturbing thing that he did not see anyone driving.

He thought that it was indeed a. Trap and that the apparent metal machine was actually a hungry monster. At one point, he pulled out his father’s grasp and wanted to run with. The cart to save his brothers, but. A pair of strong hands stopped him of his heroic intentions, and they shook him strongly. Franco, behave yourself. There’s nothing that wants to eat us. You’re too old to play these pointless games. Set an example for your brothers, his father told him with an annoyed tone. The little boy had an impassive expression and did nothing but pray as he.

Passed through the tunnel that would take. Them inside the plane. Holding hands with his mother, he only asked that his end be quick. He didn’t expect at all what would happen next. The friendly flight attendants helped his parents with carry on luggage while they found a couple of pillows for their siblings. Who wanted to take a nap.

He settled into the soft seat, and although he didn’t know they were in second class, it seemed to him that it was very elegant in a clean place. He led his father helping with the seatbelt and watched spellbound as the beautiful stewardess gave safety instructions. Although those predictions about possible dangers alarmed him, he could not stop seeing those beautiful women. While the elegant coordinated movements were made, the moment of takeoff was terrifying.

He thought that some of the dangers forewarned were taking place, and it would be the end of him. After a few minutes of heavy movement, the ship stabilized and for the first time he experienced what it was to fly. Next to him was his father, right where the window was. Seeing his excited expression, he allowed his son to peek out.

His eyes were flooded with a beautiful. Sea of clouds with the pastel colors of the sky and how they combined with the deep blue of the sea. Dad, how do you go about buying a plane? The boy asked. His father didn’t reply, just motioned for. Him to enjoy the view. The now aged Franco couldn’t stop thinking about that first time on a plane when he was about to embark on his last trip.

He slowly passed through the tunnel that. Connected to the plane. As usual for many years. The beautiful stewardesses welcomed him with a smile. He settled into his first class seat. It was spacious and very comfortable as well as private. It almost looked like a small room. He thought with amusement that even today’s economy seats couldn’t compare to the ones he enjoyed on his first flight. Those were nothing more than a soft chair, a small dining table, boring airline magazines, and nothing more.

Today, regardless of the type of ticket. You can enjoy an entertaining movie and a modern board that tells you exactly where he’s flying over. However, all that technology could not be compared to the beautiful sight of the clouds in the sky, changing their shapes and colors to the delight of eyes willing to see beyond. The old man was lost in thought of him when a stewardess interrupted him. Excuse me, I’m afraid there’s a problem.

With your ticket, said the young woman, very embarrassed. The old man looked at her, confused. Never in his life that he had problems with his passage. And it was also a very important moment. Miss, surely the mistake is yours. Check carefully before making a call to the passenger. The girl tried to explain what was wrong, but the old man could hardly hear from that position with all the noise on the plane. Girl, I know you want to do your job, but could you sit next to me so you can explain to me better? My ears are already very old.

The young stewardess did as the old. Man instructed, hoping that the person who was supposed to occupy that seat would not arrive soon. Sir, I’m afraid there’s a problem with your ticket. I believe we’ve oversold the number of first class tickets, and your seat has already been sold to a VIP class passenger. Would you be willing to escort me to an economy seat? Obviously, we’ll refund your money and you can enjoy free food and drinks throughout the flight.

In other circumstances, Franco would have accepted without much problem, but this time was different. This time he couldn’t travel second class, and it was a particularly long trip. My dear, unless other circumstances, I would gladly escort you to a business or economy class. But it would be too unseemly for me to make this journey in a seat other than this one. The young woman didn’t know what to answer. The old man’s manner and voice were soft and refined.

A true gentleman. She didn’t mean to be rude, but she had instructions to evict that man who had paid for his ticket long after the seat was blessed. Sir, you really put me in a bind. The seat has already been reserved and sold to an important gentleman who’s coming soon. And Besides, the first class seats are full. If you would be so kind as to escort me to a seat in business class, I’ll see to it that you’re comfortable myself. Franco was starting to get uncomfortable and upset. This talk made no sense, but he thought that his last flight could not.

Be an uncomfortable one, which he’ll remember with disgust. He was about to explain the situation to that kind stewardess when a little plan flashed through his head. Okay, dear, how about we do the following? You say it’s important, sir, he does arrive. How about we wait for him to get here? If he does, then I’ll quietly get up and go to the seat. The young woman thought that was a.

Bad idea, but she didn’t feel like. Contradicting the kind old man. She accepted his offer and walked away to continue helping passengers board. The engine’s noise filled the plane. Franco loved hearing a jet take off. All the magic from before was irreplaceable. Someone stepped in front of him as. He was falling asleep. You’re in my seat, sir. He opened his eyes to see a tall, slender man tapping his thigh with a travel ticket.

Where are the stewardesses? Miss, my seats occupied. Please investigate. It the same stewardess who spoke to Franco approached them. Sir, this man is waiting to take a seat. Please escort me. Franco stared at them with a fatigued expression and exclaimed, So you weren’t lying about the overbook seats? What a blunder.

Sir, you’ll have to conduct the woman to business class. My seat. I booked months ahead. The man was dumbfounded by the old man. He yelled at the worker, this is outrageous. Now do something. He thinks he can maintain my paid seat with words. If we don’t fix this, I’ll Sue your airline. Franco answered before the woman. Yes, who are you suing the airline for? A simple mistake with an easy fix is essential. Man made expressions and laughed at old.

Man’S cheek in the world’s eyes. Sir, he said, I have 2 million social media followers and I’m filming a travel documentary. You’re robbing this airline of free advertising. Franco glanced at the unpleasant man and calmly remarked, I don’t think you’re worthy of doing a proper assessment of the plane seats, much less excellent advertising for the whole thing. The stewardess tried to interfere, but the. Aggrieved socialite couldn’t stand the disrespect to his efforts. Sir, you don’t know how I perform.