The phrase “YOLO” (you only live once) is an expression most of us commonly use. However, there are some people who understand its significance more than most. Joao Araujo, 48, is one of those people considering he came back to life after having been pronounced dead for 21 minutes.

Joao was already in transit to the morgue

The 48-year-old postman and his wife Grazielle were about to pull out of their driveway when Grazielle noticed Joao suddenly grip the steering wheel too tightly while his eyes started to roll toward the back of his head. Immediately after observing this, Grazielle grabbed her husband’s phone and put it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. She then called out for help and the neighbors quickly came to her aid to call for an ambulance.

When the paramedics arrived, they realized Joao had suffered from cardiac arrest. As a result, they took him straight to the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where he was given a series of injections. The doctors gave up six hours after trying to resuscitate him and pronounced him dead at 4 pm. They had already broken the sad news to his wife and children when nurses suddenly observed Joao moving as he was being transferred from the ICU to the morgue.

Joao was clinically dead for 21 minutes

The doctors reported that Joao had already been pronounced clinically dead for 21 minutes before he came back to life with spontaneous blood circulation. The doctors were so amazed at this unique medical phenomenon that they gave Joao the nickname “Miracle man.” Doctors could not definitively identify the cause of the cardiac arrest since Joao was in good shape before the incident, however, they did speculate a possible cause could have been his brain sending the wrong signal to his body.

The man who has cheated death twice

Joao revealed that the cardiac arrest incident was actually the second time he had narrowly escaped death. He had also previously been involved in a car accident that nearly took his life. Joao reported that he lost roughly 90% of his blood in this car accident, again baffling doctors as to how he was able to survive given the circumstances.