Old, blind and found at a kill ­shelters, Muneca didn’t appear to have much left to cling to.

Until the first person showed his kindness.

Some photographs are more powerful than words in expressing raw emotions like vulnerability, sadness, longing, and joy. A photo of a blind Datsun puppy clinging to a shelter employee exemplifies this.

Muneca is the dog’s name and she came to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in LA after losing everything, her home, her owner, and even her sight life was nothing short of terrifying for this poor pooch.

Stranded in a kill shelter, Manuka was there only a few moments ago and didn’t appear to have anything left to grab onto for as long as she could remember. She had cried whenever she felt lonely. One person finally came along and lifted her up. And Manuka just couldn’t let go.

The neglected flea infested pooch hoped the tender moment would last forever. Elaine Seamans, a longtime volunteer at the shelter, is that kind hearted person. She and Muneco were recently photographed by John Huang. He was at the shelter to take photos when he saw the now iconic hug. The photograph was taken and then shared on social media.

It’s easy to see why the photo went viral almost immediately. However, it’s not just the photo that’s incredible. What’s truly amazing is that the photo moves so many people and was instrumental in getting muneka off death row. The frosted faces. Foundation stepped in to save her.

She was brought out of the shelter and it appeared like everyone wanted to help her out. Amy gone, a kind woman finally adopted her gone and her family absolutely adore Muneka.

It turns out that this little 4 legged furry ball of love has quite a few memories to make with her new family and they take every opportunity to make sure she gets to do a lot of really cool stuff.

She may not have a ton of time left. But God and her family insist on making the most of it. We can only hope his story will inspire others to be the hero for another animal who needs it.