There is nothing like nature. And if you happen to travel in rural areas around the world, you know that there is nothing more beautiful. Hills and mountains, corn and wheat fields, who does not like it?

Well, it turns out not everyone.

At least not one person who dumped an entire truckload of garbage on a farmer’s land in California.

But fortunately, the farmer who owns the land was the one to say the last word.

Throwing garbage is not a real issue today. There are bins everywhere, and recycling bins are accessible as well. All you have to do is sort your trash, put it in bags and throw it in the big bins that are outside your house or apartment building.

So we really can’t understand the guy in this story. Sure he had a place to throw his trash, but instead, he chose to get rid of it elsewhere. On someone else’s territory. A beautiful farm.

People like this guy definitely need to be taught a lesson, but it never happens. After all, if they throw their garbage in a forgotten place, how can anyone see them or find out who they are?

Well, the farmer in this story – is someone who will find them!

He was probably furious when he found a pile of garbage on his property, and he sure wanted to revenge the person who did it.

So when the farmer picked up the trash, he was probably the happiest person in the world when he found a certain item among all the garbage that was thrown there – an envelope with the person’s home address written on it!

The farmer picked up all the garbage and loaded it on his truck – and drove to the address written in the envelope.

When he got there, he just dumped all the trash in front of the person’s house – and got his sweet revenge!

Even though the garbage did not end up where it was supposed to be (in the trash bins), it’s still sweet that the farmer got to teach the idiot a lesson.