A small, cute and pretty black cat by the name of Yuuki stared at the people walking around the animal shelter where the resided as she waited for someone to take her to a new home.

Then a teen named Max and his mom Erin Nimrichter were attracted to this sweet kitty and immediately adopted her.

Max and his mom thought Yuuki was the best cat ever and Yuuki reciprocated those feelings. Max and Yuuki would crash on the couch snuggling as they fell asleep.

It didn’t take long before Yuuki liked Max more than catnip. In fact, she fell in love with her human, Erin told The Dodo.

“Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around. He’s a sweetheart.”


But Yuuki’s feline heart was broken when six months after she was adopted, Max shipped off for boot camp. He currently is serving his first year with the U.S. Navy.

Max had hoped that Yuuki would keep his mom company in his absence. Neither Max or Erin anticipated that Yuuki would pine for Max instead.

Erin caught Yuuki sitting in front of her framed photo of Max, gazing intently at him. Erin thought it was odd, maybe even a fluke.

But when she moved and the photo found a new spot in her new place, Yuuki found it. She resumed her loyal devotion to Max and camped out on the dresser beside his picture.

“She just sits there, stares and meows and then lays down next to the picture to nap. I know for sure she misses him.”

Fortunately, Yuuki the lovesick kittie had the opportunity to reunite with Max in person. When the family enjoyed a scheduled visit with Max, Yuuki was able to tag along.

This is one of the sweetest pet stories! We pray Max has a safe six-year stint with the Navy and that he and Yuuki will be happily reunited when he’s done.

Watch Yuuki stand vigil before Max’s photo in the video below. It’s so sweet!