Most women look forward to the day that they get married. They are joined together with the person they love and are able to share the day with their family and friends.

One of the things that the bride gets to do is dance with her father at the wedding reception.

This is a special time as it’s often seen as the father letting his little girl go, sending his love for the next step in her life.

When one bride started walking down the aisle of the church to meet the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, a song started playing that was dedicated to a special man.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the church as everyone listened to the words of the song. The groom stood at the front of the church, waiting for his bride to join him.

He knew that she would be walking through the door at the back of the church with her father. However, the church and the groom were surprised at what they saw.

While the bride walked arm in arm with her father, she started singing “You Raise Me Up,” a song that was perfect for the occasion and that expressed the bride’s thoughts in a way that was precious to the groom.

The bride’s father also started singing. However, he changed the words of the song to reflect his feelings for his daughter.

One of the lines in the song was changed so that the father let everyone know that it was time to give his daughter away.

He also let the groom know that he needed to take care of her.

The bride then started singing her own lines, letting her father know that her groom loves her and that it was time for the ceremony to begin.

This isn’t something that is usually seen at weddings.

It was a scene that left many people smiling while wiping away tears as they witnessed the true love that the couple shares for each other.

The bride was on a talent show about 10 years before her wedding as she sang one of her favorite songs for the judges as well.