Payton Gendron Conklin, NY man id as Buffalo Tops supermarket mass shooter and white supremacist who targeted blacks killing 10. 180 page manifesto criticized critical race theory and championed great replacement theory.

A teenage gunman who allegedly murdered 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket in upstate NY planned the attack for months, with the shooter motivated by his hated of black people according to investigators.

Federal agents interviewed the parents of Payton S. Gendron, the teenager accused of firing no less than 50 gunshots at a Tops local store, killing 10 people, injuring another three in a mass shooting according to a law enforcement official over the weekend. Of the thirteen people shot, 11 were black.

Gendron, 18, of Conklin, Broome County, NY, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder following Saturday’s attack. He was being held without bail and faces life in prison.

The alleged killer, who is due back in court on Thursday, was on suicide watch and was being held in a separate unit from other inmates, the sheriff of Erie County, John Garcia, said at the news conference Sunday.

Gendron’s civil engineer parents, Paul and Pamela were cooperating with investigators.

‘Just got to go for it, right?’

Police say a rambling text of a 180-page manifesto that Gendron posted online before the mass shooting included a plan of the attack which detailed driving several counties away to carry out the shooting at the Tops Friendly Market.

Gendron according to the uncorroborated document identified himself as a white supremacist, who feared white people being replaced by other races, police said.

The author according to police described himself as having no military background along with never having been diagnosed with a mental disability or disorder.

The gunman, dressed in armor, drove more than three hours away from his Conklin home before arriving at the Buffalo supermarket just on 2.30 p.m, Saturday afternoon, where he is heard uttering to himself, ‘just got to go for it, right?’ Getting out of his vehicle, the teen shot at shoppers in the parking lot before proceeding to enter the store. It remained unclear why Gendon had chosen Buffalo and the supermarket as the focal point of his rampage.

Gendron shot four people outside the store, three fatally before proceeding to walk into the store and killing his next victim, a security guard, who had fought to ward off the gunman, firing at him, only for Gendron to fatally pick off the security guard.

‘You hear him walk into the store shooting people, just, ‘pop, pop, pop,’ Katherine Crofton told the New York Post. ‘He was in full combat gear – helmet, body armor, everything. He was loaded.’

A further six victims were shot dead inside before Gendron surrendered to responding police, who convinced the gunman to put down a gun he had pointed at his own neck.