Police in Utah responded to a call about a woman in a neighborhood gutter, which soon led them up the block to her house. They didn’t expect to find three children, along with who else was there and what they were all doing when they walked in.

Just after 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, officers in the town of Layton were alerted to a woman passed out in the gutter in an otherwise average suburb. Nobody knew how she got there or why she chose to sleep on the street that night, but what investigators would soon find out, led to a sickening sight that would end in nine criminal charges.

Amber Renee Bradley, 29, got a rude awakening when she opened one of her eyes and saw Layton police surrounding her, wanting to know what she was doing. She was barely able to get the words out in her extremely intoxicated state, saying with slurred speech something about her children ages 8, 5, and 4, around the corner in her apartment. Officers couldn’t translate what she was trying to tell them, and they peeled her off the curb, so she could lead them there.

According to KSL, Bradley was so disoriented that cops had to help her walk down the street to her apartment, where she said a 15-year-old was watching her three children. When they got there, nobody inside would answer the door, and with Bradley’s permission, they entered where they found several teens from the neighborhood.

It had been a wild night for the party mom who ended up in the gutter after giving four teen boys ages 14 and 15 a boatload of beer, marijuana, and Xanax to have a good time. It’s a shock that anyone lived through the night of inebriated debauchery with the cocktail of drugs and alcohol they were all on when the officers found the boys passed out on the family room floor, surrounded in their “party favors.” Bradley’s three young children were also found on the floor, sleeping in a separate room after being left in this mess.

Bradley admitted to supplying the kids with all they wanted, even driving to the next town to get the prescription drugs from a dealer. She had consumed her fair share and was found with a prescription bottle with several hydrocodone pills, likely contributing to her winding up sleeping on the sidewalk, after wandering there in an inebriated stupor.

The mother was charged with seven counts of child endangerment, one for each of the four boys she partied with, and each of her own three children, along with extra charges of possession of a controlled substance and intoxication, the Standard-Examiner reported.