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In Wyre Forest, over 1,000 more food parcels were distributed between April and September than in 2021.

A “tsunami of need” is sweeping the UK, according to the Trussell Trust, which runs the largest network of food banks in the country. Demand has outstripped donations for the first time nationwide.
According to the most recent information provided by the charity, the Trussell Trust’s only foodbank in Wyre Forest distributed 2,584 packages during the six months ending in September, an increase of 91% from the 1,356 packages distributed during the same time period in 2021.

From April to September 2021, the number of parcels distributed nationwide increased by 33%, reaching over 1.2 million.
The Trussell Trust’s chief executive, Emma Revie, stated that this winter is anticipated to be “the hardest yet” for food banks and their beneficiaries.
“We know that people don’t need to turn to food banks for support,” she continued, “if they have the right support and a stable and sufficient income.”
“The Government has taken steps to safeguard those in need over the past few years, and these steps have had an impact.
“Now they must act once more:”with vision for the longer term to ensure that social security is always sufficient to weather challenging times and with swift support now to help people through the winter,” she added.

These figures include the food parcels distributed by the charity itself, but it’s possible that other organizations are also supporting those in need in the area.
Between April and September, nearly half a million packages were distributed nationwide to children.

This included 960 in Wyre Forest, an increase of 65% from 583 the previous year.
Unprecedented levels of support demand have resulted from the skyrocketing prices of fuel, food, and heating.

According to the Trussell Trust, nearly 330,000 individuals have been referred to a food bank for the first time in the past six months.
Additionally, according to a recent charity survey, one in five people who use the food bank come from working households.
It stated that the government needed to “close the gap” between incomes and prices, which it could do by increasing benefits in accordance with inflation.

The following was stated by a Department of Work and Pensions spokesperson:As a direct response to the pandemic’s aftershocks and Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine, we are providing additional Cost-of-Living Payments this month to households in need.

“Our extensive immediate support for families also includes our Household Support Fund and our Energy Price Guarantee, which helps a typical household save around £700 over the winter, as well as longer-term changes like changing Universal Credit to help people keep £1,000 more of what they earn every year.”