A seemingly generous couple decided to open their home and increase their household to eleven kids, including several biological, adopted, and foster children. However, police would eventually learn that the couple had a sick use for these children behind closed doors, and what they were forcing them to do is utterly disgusting.

To an outsider looking in, Daniel Spurgeon and his wife Jenise seemed like kind-hearted people as they provided a home for several foster kids, eventually adopting a few, in addition to their own biological children. However, their sick secret was exposed when one teenage girl moved out of their home last year and revealed to the police what the sick couple had been doing to nearly a dozen innocent children behind closed doors.

In July of 2016, one of the Daniel and Jenise Spurgeon’s foster children, an unnamed 19-year-old girl, finally garnered up enough courage to tell the Cape Coral police in Florida the truth about her parents.

She admitted that she had been sexually abused from age 12 to 16, while the family still lived in Florence, Alabama. However, as the police investigated the couple further and contacted the Florence Police Department, they were left horrified to learn that ten other children had been subjected to the couple’s sexual abuse.

The couple has since been charged with “more than 300 counts each of child sex abuse involving 11 biological, adopted, and foster children, some younger than 12,” according to Daily Mail. Unfortunately, it gets worse. The additional charges against this couple paint an even more horrific picture of what these sick people were doing to their children behind closed doors.

In addition to the sex abuse charges, Daniel is being charged with sodomy, sexual torture, rape, domestic violence by strangulation, incest, and human trafficking. Jenise’s additional charges include endangering the welfare of a child and enticing a child for immoral purposes, as well as a single count of domestic violence by strangulation and 11 counts of human trafficking. Currently, they are awaiting extradition to Lauderdale County, Alabama.

If these “parents” didn’t want to provide the safe and comforting home a child deserves, they shouldn’t have had any, much less, opened their home for foster care. Unfortunately, they never intended to provide a loving home.

Instead, they fed their own disgusting desires and abused these children, scarring them for the rest of their lives. It’s sickening to think that these kids were desperately looking to become a part of a family, but they were placed with these depraved degenerates, where they lived a nightmare instead.

At least they are now somewhere much safer than the place they called “home,” and even better yet, these perverse “parents” won’t be able to harm any more children. In fact, they are likely to be the ones to soon learn exactly what they put those kids through when the other inmates learn what they did and inflict some prison style justice.