On Thursday, 27-year-old Samuel Benjamin was arrested in Florida after assaulting a campaign volunteer for Republican congressional candidate Cory Mills.

Benjamin became violent and started cursing after he was confronted about why he was tearing up GOP political signs.

Then, Benjamin threw his drink at the campaign volunteer’s car.

He proceeded to reach inside the campaign volunteer’s car and assault him.

*Warning for Violence & Graphic Language*

Benjamin was later arrested for assault.

The Floridian reported:

On Thursday, June 30th in Sanford, Florida, 27-year-old Samuel Benjamin was arrested for assault by Sanford Police for allegedly striking another man who was volunteering for a local Republican congressional campaign.

The victim, who asked that we conceal his identity and claims to be a campaign volunteer for Republican congressional candidate Cory Mills, sent The Floridian a video of the incident that he recorded on his mobile phone.

In the video, the alleged victim is seen pulling up to Benjamin, who was standing in the center median of the street. The victim is heard asking his alleged assailant,” Is there a reason why you are tearing that sign down?”

Benjamin responded to the alleged victim with an expletive-filled and racially-charged verbal assault just as he appeared to punch the victim through his open car window.