Joshua Murray CT man pulls gun on 2 women at Hamden Family Dollar store after not thanking him for holding door. Rising trend of gun ownership and gun violence in the U.S.

So much for manners and kind gestures…. A Connecticut man has been arrested after pulling a gun on two women — after they didn’t thank him for holding the door at a store, cops said

Joshua Murray, 25, of New Haven was at a Family Dollar store in Hamden on Saturday afternoon when he became incensed over the women’s ‘impolite’ failure to recognize the ‘gesture’, police told the Courant.

‘A witness reported that the suspect was upset that two woman did not say thank you to him for holding a door open for them,’ cops said.

Murray allegedly took out a pistol during the encounter, then fled. He was picked up by officers nearby, authorities said according to the New Haven Register.

The suspect was charged with carrying an illegal gun, breaching the peace and interfering with a police officer while being taken into custody, the Courant reported. Our collective hero was held on $25,000 bail.

Rising gun violence

The incident follows a substantial uptick in gun permits in the state. Over 28,000 permits were issued for men and more than 18,000 were given to women just last year according to WTNH. There have already been 11,000 gun permits issued in 2022, with several months remaining.

The increase in application for gun permits in Connecticut follows a national trend as gun ownership continues to increase amid increasing social fractures and an uptick in violent crime, in both red and blue states, including that of mass shootings in the U.S.

Released data shows that between January 2020 and April 30 of 2021, 5.1 million Americans bought their first guns, following 2.4 million who did so in 2019. The increase number of gun owners was attributed to the rising tide of COVID-19 at the time and the accompanying strife that followed the public health crises.

Of note, recent statistical analysis estimates that 10 states had more victims after permit requirements were dropped than they would have if the law had not changed.