If ever you’ve forgotten your wallet with a conveyor belt full of groceries, you know how humiliating this “oops moment” feels. Or, taking it one step further – being told in front of the crowded line of people waiting behind you that your card has been declined. Ugh.
One man recently endured this very mortifying situation, and he certainly didn’t expect what happened next…

Tim McKellar was standing in line at Dollar General when he witnessed an unbelievable moment, one he’d certainly never forget.
As Tim waited to pay for his items, the cashier scanned the order of an elderly gentleman in front of him – a man proudly wearing his veteran cap. However, when the man attempted to scan his card for payment, he couldn’t remember his pin. Sadly, his card was declined.
Tim shared in his Facebook post,

“He tried a couple different times when another lady offered to help him again with no luck.”
That’s when the cashier decided to step in, and change the fate of this veteran’s day…

ement that Jacob deserves” was certainly shown – as the post has received over 3,000 positive reactions and has been shared over 1,400 times.
Inspired readers have responded with comments such as,
“Such an awesome act of kindness. Sending you a big hug and many blessings from miles and miles away.”
“Jacob, you are a good-hearted young man. Thank you for helping the elderly and veterans. God bless you!”
“God bless you young man. So many people could learn from you, what it is to show kindness. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.”
It’s simple acts of kindness such as this, of one human being reaching out to another in need, which are making a difference in our world. Let us all learn from Jacob’s loving gesture, and seek out people in our own lives who would benefit from a little support. Because after all, at some point in our lives we’ll all take a turn being “that person” who needs it.
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