Carrie Olson had always imagined of meeting the right guy and beginning a household.

The colourful, outgoing Quad Metropolitan areas native viewed as buddies get wed and settled lower, but Olson was still being trying to find her right diamond necklace.

“She thought about being loved, she wanted a household, she wanted something stable in her own existence,” friend Sarah Paxton told “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered,” airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend.

But did that desire cost Olson her existence?

Individuals who understood the 29-year-old described Olson as someone having a “heart of gold” who loved to be with people coupled with a bubbly and magnetic personality.

“She was outgoing, fun, she’d push you within the pool, she’d splash you, she’d provide you with the best bear hugs, you realize, would certainly send tingles using your body. [She] made you are feeling stand out,” stated lifelong friend Amanda Cruz, who’d met Olson in a neighborhood pool when she was 11 years of age.

While Olson would be a loyal and loving friend, she was just as dedicated to her family, even working at her father’s flooring and carpet store in Davenport, Iowa. She treated her beloved dog Colby similar to a young child coupled with established herself in their home. However the one factor Olson didn’t have would be a partner to talk about her existence with.

It appeared like she might have found her right diamond necklace when she met Timothy McVay, a similarly exuberant divorced father of two, who’d designed a business leading karaoke nights at local bars through the Quad Metropolitan areas.

“He was excellent at running karaoke. He was funny, he entertained the shoppers, she got available and danced together, he’d sing songs,” bartenders Kelly Hornick remembered. “He would be a good guy.”

Olson and McVay rapidly created a strong connection. But, McVay didn’t want anymore children as well as for Olson, which was an offer breaker.

The happy couple split up but continued to be close confidants, often even speaking to one another around 20 occasions each day.

Olson managed to move on to some partnership with Justin Mueller, a basic, hard-working Iraq War veteran, who battled with serious bouts of publish-traumatic stress disorder.

Mueller moved into Olson’s home — however the pairing didn’t appear as natural to Olson’s buddies.

“I felt it was not a great match,” Cruz stated. “All he desired to do was stay at home where Carrie was always attempting to get out there and do things.”

Three days after relocating together, Olson mysteriously disappeared within the final times of December in 2013.

Mueller told police that they had stormed from the home following the pair experienced a disagreement rather than came back.

“Justin didn’t have solutions,” Davenport Det. Ron Voy stated.

As he came back from Vegas, McVay told detectives that whenever she’d that blow-by helping cover their Mueller she’d attended his house to open up to her former boyfriend, telling him she thought she’d arrived at the finish of her rope with Mueller and could be remaining the night time.

“It seems like she was about to maybe finish the connection with Justin,” Detective Tina Noe stated.

The following morning McVay stated he dropped Olson off at her home after which he lent her vehicle they are driving towards the Minneapolis airport terminal to trap his flight to Vegas.

Mueller was adamant, however, that Olson never came back home and told investigators the fight have been over something trivial, some burnt eggs. He stated she known as him “stupid” and left the home.

“One of those individuals isn’t being truthful,” Det. Bill Thomas stated, adding that both men had passed polygraph tests.

Suspicion increased about McVay’s story after he is discovered on surveillance footage attempting to use her bank card in a service station and coming back to her bank three separate occasions to try and withdraw $400 however the PIN he’d wasn’t working.

He attempted to describe his actions away by stating that Olson had allow him to borrow both vehicle and bank card to try and help him out, something he stated the previous couple had frequently done despite their romance ended.

Individuals acquainted with the situation were also shocked when one evening in a local bar, McVay required the microphone and sang the Guns N’ Roses song “Used To Like Her.”

“I accustomed to love her but I needed to kill her,” he belted in footage taken by someone in the bar.

“Tim understood what he was doing and also to wake up there and sing that song, it had been sickening,” Noe stated.

She believed McVay was laying by what happened the ultimate day’s Olson’s existence, but with no physical evidence she was not able to create an arrest.

Government bodies got the break they needed when Olson’s body is discovered 300 miles away in Hastings, Minnesota in April 2014 — exactly the same city where McVay had parked the vehicle before hopping with that plane to Vegas.

The medical examiner determined she’d died of the homicide of “by unspecified means,” meaning no specific reason for dying might be determined. A bit of carpet, matching carpet that were available at McVay’s home, was discovered in her own hair.

Near her body, investigators also found a cost tag for any kid’s shovel from Big Lots in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Although there wasn’t any video in the store, investigators could patch together McVay’s visit to the airport terminal, putting him in Lacrosse in the exact time he could have been passing with the city.

“That would be a huge piece to the puzzle,” Noe stated.

Government bodies believed they’d enough to arrest McVay and required him into child custody in a construction site where he was employed in 2014.

For a motive, government bodies couldn’t make sure, but prosecutors theorized within their closing arguments at trial he had wiped out her inside a fit of rage because she wouldn’t allow him to borrow her vehicle to visit the airport terminal.

He was charged and sentenced to 4 decades, but McVay is constantly on the proclaim his innocence from in jail.

“All I’m able to have to say is things i know. I understand that I didn’t kill Carrie,” he told “Dateline” from prison. “She would be a beautiful person, an excellent friend, a follower, a confidante. She meant the planet in my experience.”

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