A Louisiana man has been arrested for holding a woman and her daughter against their will in a trailer.

When an 11-year-old girl went to East Feliciana Middle School on Nov. 2, she brought a handwritten note with her. The note stated that she was scared and being held against her will, CNN reported.

“It’s very alarming when a student shows up with a note asking for help,” Travis told CNN.

Travis did not give specifics as to what the note said, but said it implied that the mother needed help.

“She couldn’t leave,” Travis explained. “She needed someone to get her out of the situation and she couldn’t talk on the phone.”

The family friend was identified as Donald Ray Guy. Authorities obtained a warrant to investigate his trailer and found the girl’s mother inside with two of the suspect’s relatives. Guy was hiding in a closet.

Police said Guy has at least three outstanding arrest warrants. He ran away whenever authorities tried arresting him.“There’s always a chill that goes through you when you understand that the child was going through a very bad environment and the mother may be captive, and it may be worse than what we actually found,” Travis told KTRK.The mother and her daughter have since been reunited.Guy was arrested and is currently in jail. Bond was not set and he does not have an attorney at this time.