Motorists in Missouri were shocking one Sunday morning, when they spotted a distressed Teen roaming on a busy road, barely avoiding the traffic that was oncoming. Authorities began to receive numerous calls, however once cops arrived on the scene, the distressed teen took them to a scene that they didn’t expect to ever see.

Chillicothe, MO house of horrorsThe boy was about 8 houses or so from where he lived and had been out running around in the 48 degree temperatures around 7 a.m., and he had been out there for an unknown amount of time. They followed him to his home, where it was soon realized why he had escaped when the officers cracked open the door to a living nightmare.

Holed up in the house of horrors were three other children ranging in age from 2 to 15, barely able to function among heaps of animal feces and piles of vomit. Trash was strewn about, along with a dangerous operation, run by the children’s parents who were home at the time, but completely unaware of the fact that their autistic 14-year-old son had been dodging traffic in the nude.

Everyone in the home was in various states of disarray, being filthy and scabbed. Each had a mouthful of decaying teeth to coincide with their rotting living environment. Daniel Schliessman III, 45, and his wife, Michelle M. Schliessman, 36 ran this hell hole, forcing a 15-year-old girl, the autistic 14-year-old, a 6-year-old, and a final child about 2, to sleep somewhere between the animals droppings and the lethal components of a meth lab.

Daniel Schliessman III (left), Michelle M. Schliessman (right)

The Schliessmans were at some point in their meth bender that they couldn’t keep track of the “difficult” autistic kid, whose behavior was probably made worse by the drugs and chemicals in the residence. To make matters worse, there was a third adult who had lived in the home who could have stopped it from getting this far, but they chose not to.

Michael Bosley stayed at the family’s home for some time but claims he never saw any evidence like what police witnessed Sunday morning. Something tells me Bosley isn’t the most truthful guy on the block, as open wounds, lengthy untreated bed bug bites, and crusted over vomit and feces filling the home, doesn’t just happen overnight. Neither does a drug habit to this extent.

Bosley is off the hook, even if he doesn’t want to admit he’s a degenerate too, but the Schliessmans weren’t so lucky. The couple has each been charged with felony child endangerment involving drugs, with an added drug charge for the mother who was found with meth in her possession.

Neighbors were equally as “shocked” as Bosley to what had been happening in this family’s home, but they really shouldn’t have been. It’s hard to believe that drug abuse, manufacturing of narcotics, and child neglect to this level could be happening in a townhouse you’re connected to, and you have no suspicions of shady behavior. The friends and neighbors are either exceptionally oblivious or played a part in some way to the degradation of this family.