Have you ever felt so guilty about something – even if you did by accident – that you try to make up for what you have done? Well That’s what Charlie the beagle did when he upset the cutest, most adorable human in his family.

Charlie is quite the smart little dog and his family has taught him to do all kinds of tricks. He can close cabinet doors, fetch the TV remote, and even help change diapers. One thing they haven’t had to teach him, though, is to love baby Laura. The two have had a special bond since Laura was first born.

That doesn’t mean Laura and Charlie don’t have their disagreements, but Charlie is always quick to make things right again. Such was the case when he stole one of Laura’s toys recently.

We’re sure Charlie thought the rattling stuffed toy was one of his own when he grabbed it in his mouth and trotted away, but when baby Laura started crying he quickly realized his mistake.

Feeling guilty, he knew he had to make it up to her somehow. First, he brought the toy back, but he knew that wasn’t enough to show her how sorry he was. What he did next is absolutely precious!

To apologize for taking one toy, Charlie brought Laura all of the toys he could find, just to make sure she knew how sorry he was. Laura’s parents were on hand to make sure she stayed safe while Charlie piled on the toys, and they were touched when they saw how much Charlie really wanted to make amends.

It’s clear Charlie and Laura have a sweet and special bond and we’re sure that will continue as they grow up together!
Did you love watching this sweet beagle make amends as much as we did?