A young man was spotted jogging along a road while dragging two tires, and the reason behind his odd behavior garnered applause across social media.

A photo of the teen was shared to Love What Matters’ Facebook page and showed him wearing a sweater, sweatpants and a scarf while dragging two tires behind him tied to a chain.

“This young man was jogging, he said he’s working towards making the high school football team in my city. His family couldn’t afford to send him to camp or get him proper equipment. Never give up on your dreams,” the post accompanying the photo read.

Many readers expressed shock over the photo, and applauded the teen for working hard to achieve his dreams.

“Beautiful heartfelt story I hope this young man accomplishes his dream I hope he grows up to be a very strong and good American citizen and if he does play for the NFL let him not kneel and be a traitor to his country. Praying that the Lord will order his footsteps and bless him for his hard work so he can accomplish his dreams we all should follow this example,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Good luck in the future with positive thoughts about high school foot ball and then with great determination a scholar ship to college and making the foot ball squad ….Then a dream come true….Getting a call to be on your favorite team as a player….. Dream your dream and give it your ALL and You will MAKE IT…. Best wishes,” another wrote.

“Who knows the future outcome of this young person. May depend on who will take him under their arm and mentor him. At this point he seems to be going against the ‘give me my due’ viewpoint in that he is making his own ‘gym or summer camp’. Who but a strong sense of purpose and working toward that goal would most likely succeed. He needs a ‘go fund me’ account ( I don’t know how to do that) and/ or some moral guidance,” another added.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

Photo Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

Some readers also praised the parents for their role in raising a son with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed.

“Along with a stronger body this young man is building up his integrity and character. It seems his parents understand that their job is to raise him up not to be a boy but a man,” one reader commented.

“I would love to help this child obtain the equipment he needs. I have been in his parent’s position a few times. They are obviously doing something right in the values they are instilling him with,” another wrote.

“I’ve noticed, these days, that the only way you can make the schools team, anymore, is to be part of an influential family. If you are good and from a lesser known family, you don’t have a prayer, even if the coaches know how good you are,” another added.