Dennis Finar and Karen Layman’s love story beats the classic football Jock and sweet high school musician romance. They hadn’t seen each other since they. Were teenagers, let alone reignited their love 50 years later. The big surprise wasn’t revealed until decades. Later through conflicts and rebellion against parents.

To life’s tumbles and tosses. Learn out how Dennis and Karen’s nearly. Surreal love found a way along with other beautiful surprises. Dennis Venar was an athletic talented Minnesota team. Vinar was a sporting star in his 700 person community.

Being the star of his high school football team in Brownton, Minnesota, the 15 year old could have any woman he wanted. It wasn’t long before he found the perfect girl to steal and melt his heart. Dennis Vinar has his eyes on a. High schooler from his little community. Karen Layman was the antithesis of Dennis at first.

Karen was a younger, shy girl who. Loved the clarinet, whereas he was a popular student. Teenagers fell in love and felt on top of the world in the beginning of any relationship. It might be tough to understand all. Your feelings, actions and reactions, especially if. It’S your first probably fascinating. Karen said she fell for Dennis at. 13 because he was popular. The duo adored spending time together, drive.

In movies, to soda pops, and it. Was evident it was more than fascination. Their teen romance grew stronger with each passing season. Dennis favored Karen over everything else. Because of their relationship, football practice was always late because I walked Karen home, Dennis told Karen. Eleven. That was more essential. After two years together, they faced the. First of many tests of their love.

The 1960s high school sweethearts had been. Dating for two years. Karen was 15 and Dennis was 17. And about to complete high school. The two lovebirds planned their future together. But it came sooner than intended. Karen was pregnant throughout their romance. Considering this little knowledge, education and information. Regarding the situation in the can you. Picture how people felt despite everything, the.

Pair tried to be mature and told. Their parents, especially Karen’s father, didn’t like it. We can’t imagine how Karen and Dennis. Parents felt when they learned their teens were pregnant. Most parents are excited to become grandparents. But it’s difficult when it happens sooner. Than intended, especially if you wanted them. To marry before beginning a family. Their parents were likely surprised, frustrated, stressed and disappointed. Back then, incident, awareness and standards were. Much more traditional than now.

Karen had numerous future aspirations, including becoming a mother, clarinet playing valedictorian wanted to. Finish College before sitting down. These young, in love teens rapidly learned. That life rarely follows a plan. Their parents told them this wasn’t the. Road they should take. The pair chose. They were in problems with their parents, but they didn’t give up on love. Dennis knew they’d get married, but he.

Didn’T care when so Dennis proposed to his sweetheart, Karen. Karen agreed. Karen’s father was also upset the couple had no choice. Karen’s parents were furious and refused to. Believe that she would settle down early. Dennis and Karen were forced to stay. Apart by their parents. They sent pregnant Karen to a maternity. Home while it was healthy for her. And the baby to be in an. Atmosphere that prepared Karen for life after.

Pregnancy and helped her during the pregnancy. Her parents made the choice. It’s hard to be a decent parent in any decade. Karen and Dennis were upset by their. Parents decision to do what was best for their children. Her newborn daughter was adopted shortly after. Delivery, and she had to say goodbye. To the love of her life. Being told your love is banned so young. Being told your love is banned so young was hard. Karen was forced to give up her. Child and remain away from the one person who is willing to stand by.

Her side through anything. We can’t imagine how terrible their parents. Choice must have been for everyone. Was this it for the couple? Even with the world against them, they couldn’t be apart. Dennis proposed to Karen again, expecting to finally cement their love. Karen’s parents didn’t stop interfering in Dennis and Karen’s love conflict, and they fought hard. Karen and Dennis couldn’t stay together because.

Of their parents and because they were moving away. Dennis’s family was moving and Karen was graduating high school. Dennis planned to join the army while. She went to College. Was distance really a reason to give up on their love? Dennis and Karen’s hearts are hurting and. We can’t believe what they went through. To be together despite fighting so hard to be together. It wasn’t enough. How could they kill their lives and.

Love because their parents forbade it? The two, now older, tried to maintain. Their long distance love by sending letters and calling. They also had to conquer another difficulty. From high school through pregnancy to distance. The couple did everything they could to stay together. Karen’s father constantly interrupted their love, like. In a romance drama. Karen assumed Dennis tried to end contact. She thought he’d forgotten her.

She didn’t realize he’d never forgotten her. Even though the 1960s were only 60. Years ago, long distance communication was different. Karen’s father hid Dennis letters would be more harder today. Dennis and Karen didn’t have Facebook, Instagram. Skype or WhatsApp, which puts this story. In context so they couldn’t contact each. Other and couldn’t know what was going.

On in each other’s lives Besides word of mouth. Still young, the pair may have left everything to hope. Due to their time apart, lack of. Communication, and different heartaches, they had to grow up apart. Both discovered their own roots in life and moved on whether they wanted to or not. Many say time heals a broken heart. Heartbreak has no time limit, so you. Never know how long it will take to heal. Next best is to work through heartaches. The pair did that individually they went.

To College and met new loves. Both ended up at the University of. Minnesota, but their timelines were out of. Sync and unrelated to each other. Karen got her BS in interior design. While Dennis studied English language and literature letters. Along with their new loves, they began. Their own families and lived the life they’d always dreamed. They didn’t realize this was merely Act Two. Act three of their love tale was. About to begin in the new Millennium.

While act two was being written. Remember how keeping in touch was hard in the 1960s? Most of us can’t imagine reconnecting without. Technology and social media. Dennis and Karen’s love story was about. To change because of better communication. Linkedin began in 2002. Dennis wasn’t invited to join until 2014. Over a decade after its debut. After receiving the invitation, he created an. Account and signed in, hoping to find folks from his past.

Dennis wanted to discover a personal connection. On LinkedIn, which is usually used for professional concerns. Karen thought Dennis had forgotten her after all these years. Dennis’s first social media search was for Karen. Imagine Karen’s amazement when Dennis not only. Located her but also reached out to connect with her. How did he know it was Karen Layman? During your teen years, you may not. Recognize yourself in old images. How did Dennis know that Karen he. Saw on the screen was the right one?

He told Care Eleven. He knew it was Karen when he’s on. I talked to Karen Layman and there she was. I clapped my hands and exclaimed, that’s my lady cute. Even after 15 years, neither could shake. Their what if questions. She accepted and they began dating. We must admit that Dennis’s reaction we. Found Karen on LinkedIn was sweet. It’s remarkable that he recognized they still belong together. What would happen when they connected on LinkedIn? How would he reclaim her? After being forced away as kids and. Living separate lives as adults in various. Regions of the country, the two found.

One another over 50 years later. Dennis acted quickly. After Karen accepted his Internet request, he contacted her to hear her wonderful voice again, which was one of his best decisions. They kept in touch virtually for three months. Dennis ended this pain. Then Dennis is divorced and Karen is widowed. After three months of phone calls and. Online chats, making up and getting to. Know each other again, the two decided.

To take things further. They eventually met after years, and if. Old feelings hadn’t surfaced before they did. Now, Dennis was brazen. The next day, after three months of. Texting and calling, the couple met twice in person. On the second day, Dennis threw caution. To the wind, got down on one. Knee, and asked for Karen’s hand in. Marriage for the first time. Out of the three times Dennis proposed. Karen was able to gladly say yes. Before they could settle down and live happily ever after. They needed to find one last piece.

That is still hope for their love. After 50 years romance after their reunion. The two lovebirds eventually married and were ready to live together. Dennis spoke of reconciling with his high school love. The feeling is hard to describe.