Sometimes it’s the heart that makes two people become family. Sarah and her stepdad Vincent know this all too well. And that is why Sarah decided that it was time to make their father-daughter relationship official.

Vincent, who is a mechanical engineer, has been with Sarah’s mom, Jessica, for 15 years. Sarah is now 17, and she has had Vincent in her life since she was a two-year-old little girl.

He is the only dad that Sarah has ever known.

“He has been fantastic to her ― he never treated her as a stepchild,” Jessica said.

“Then he proposed to me. He said he loved us so much and he wanted to marry me and take care of us forever. She was the flower girl at our wedding.”

Vincent and Sarah’s mom have another child together, and they also adopted one more. But he and Sarah have always had a special connection.

“Their relationship has been unique since they met. She grew attached to him quickly,”Jessica said.

“They had the cutest things in common, such as foods they liked and games they enjoyed playing.”

She added, “He took her fishing for the first time in her life, and bought her her first fishing pole and BB gun. He was the only person she had ever known as a father figure.”

WATCH: Stepdad Cries Happy Tears From Surprise Adoption

credit: Youtube/Caters Clips

As Vincent’s birthday was approaching, Sarah wanted to make sure that she gave him a gift that would mean the world to him. Vincent was adopted as well, so this gift would certainly not be received without tears.

“When my daughter Sarah approached me a few weeks before his last birthday and said she wanted to give him adoption papers for his birthday, I knew we had to make this happen,” Jessica said.

The adoption process is underway and it should be made official with in a month.

“I knew it was something Vince had always wanted because he has done a lot to make sure he gets everything done on his end as quickly as possible,” Jessica said.

This father and daughter already had unbreakable bond. Now it’s just official.