When I’m dreaming about garage sale finds this is exactly how mine goes! A garage and estate sale enthusiast in Missouri City, Texas got the surprise of his life when he bought an average-looking set of drawers. What’s so incredible about that? Well, let’s just say I’m definitely going to be checking all my furniture this weekend.

Right away, this man knew he was getting a good deal when he saw a handcrafted walnut chest with a gorgeous marble top. The drawers had been marked down to $100 which, for the high-quality craftsmanship, was an amazing price.

But what he didn’t know was that he had snagged more than a good deal, he had gotten a fortune. Literally.
After he took the bureau home, the Texas native started opening up each drawer, checking out the quality of the wood. That’s when he found it: a hidden drawer. And it wasn’t empty, either.

Inside the secret drawer was a bounty fit for a king; pearls, diamonds, gold and silver coins, bracelets with rubies and emeralds, and booklets of dollar bills were scattered in the drawer. The total amount that the man discovered is unknown, but we can only imagine it was an incredibly high number just based on the precious stones discovered.

But then the most incredible thing of all happened, even more incredible than the discovery of this treasure chest: the man gave the drawer back.

Immediately after discovering the valuables in the secret drawer, the man reached out to the company that handled the estate sale and told them what he had found. The company reached out to the family of the former owner and the chest — and all the goodies inside it — were returned to the family.

For an enthusiast of garage and estate sales, this must have been the ultimate find! Not just a beautiful piece of furniture, but one filled with a shocking amount of riches, some that were probably gorgeous antiques themselves. This just makes it all the more impressive that this man knew he had to return the valuables to their rightful owners.

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