Pools are an extremely expensive endeavor. To get a pool installed requires lots of money, time, and patience. The same goes for pool decks. For one homeowner, the cost of hiring someone to install a deck to his already expensive pool was simply too much. Instead, he decided to do it himself.

The man already had an aboveground pool and wanted to install a deck. He started by digging holes deep enough to hold beams. He made sure that the holes were deep enough to fit beams that would hold the weight of the chairs and people. Before placing each beam in its hole, he put plastic standoffs on the bottoms of the beams to ensure that no concrete would directly touch the wood.

He filled the bottom of each hole with concrete and inserted the beams. Then, he attached long wooden boards across the beams. He then filled in the remainder of each hole with stones. Within no time at all, the deck was starting to take form.

The next step was to build stairs up to the deck. He used high support beams across the top to prevent the posts from twisting while he was building. He used several long flat wooden planks and installed the joints. He ended up using twice as many boards as he originally had planned to make the stairs as structurally sound as possible.

At this point, the entire wooden frame could stand on its own. Next, he carefully measured the railing at each step so that it wouldn’t be higher than people could reach. He quickly finished the flooring. Finally, the pool deck was complete. Clearly, hard work pays off.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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