A combat veteran, returned from the front only to find himself in the biggest battle yet…one for his very life.

Serving in war can’t be taken lightly, not only do soldiers suffer while on the battlefield when they return home the trauma continues. War veterans have very fragile mental health, and this veteran felt like he no longer wanted to deal with the battle anymore.

One night, Army Sgt. Josh Marino‘s struggles of dealing with what he had been through, became too much for him to handle. So he wrote a letter to his family and went outside to smoke one last cigarette before ending his life.

As he was smoking, he heard a soft noise from the bushes near him. He found a black and white kitten.

The kitten kept rubbing against Marino’s legs. He broke down in tears as he held the kitty. He shared the cat with his other comrades while they were stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas. The cat gave him enormous comfort. His other comrades enjoyed petting their new friend as well.

Marino focused on what he could do to help the cat. He realized that he could care for others and that others can care for him. He named the kitty “Scout”. He fed the kitten tuna packets every day.

According to Marino, the little kitten saved him. “I stopped thinking about all of my problems, and I started thinking about all of his problems. And what I could do to help him”.

He visited the little kitten every day, bringing him food, until one day he disappeared. Although Marino was heartbroken, their paths crossed again at a kitten adoption fair and Marino was able to welcome the savior back into his life for good.

Scout has since passed away but Josh Marino will not forget the difference made in his life by one small black cat which came out from a rustle in the bush.