For this Father and husband, tragedy stuck back to back in less than an instant. Mike Hermanstorfer looked in fear, pain and devasation as his wife passed away from cardiac arrest as she was giving birth to their son.

In only a matter of minutes, a beautiful moment turned into a complete nightmare and sadly, the worse was yet to come for the Hermanstorfer family.

“Half of my family was lying there right in front of me — there’s no other way to say it — dead,” Mike said. “I lost all feeling. Once her heartbeat stopped, I felt like mine did, too.”

His wife, Tracey, went into cardiac arrest as she was giving birth. Once doctors weren’t able to bring her back to live, they performed an emergency C-section in order to save the baby. However as their son was being brought into this world, doctors realized the baby wasn’t breathing.

“She had no pulse, no heartbeat, was not breathing and was turning gray,” said Dr. Stephanie Martin. “She was dead.” Then something amazing happened, without any discernible explanation, Tracey’s pulse returned.

Doctors rushed to complete the C-section. While Mom was being operated on, doctors tried to get the baby breathing again — and it worked. (Stunningly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen doctors baffled by a spontaneous recovery.)

The Hermanstorfer family, baby and all, returned home to their two other children.

Needless to say, Dad was relieved. “There’s only one explanation for having either one of them, let along both of them here,” Mike said. “It’s just an absolute miracle.”

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