Did you know that the length of your pinky finger can reveal a number of things about you and your personality traits? Maybe you don’t believe in palmistry, but the truth is that this reading is quite accurate. If you don’t believe us check the length of your pinky, find it in the list below and read the personality traits associated with it, you may be surprised.


If your pinky finger is type A it means that you are very generous and want to help everyone you can. You can’t stand dishonest people, lies and people who’re insincere. This is completely the opposite of what you stand for and you will never tolerate dishonesty.

You’re reserved and don’t open up easily because you’re scared of being hurt. But once you get to know a person, once they gain your trust, you open up completely and become more expressive.

Sometimes you want to show off as strong and open-minded, but that’s not really who you are.

You can never hide your feelings because your eyes always tell the truth about how you feel. You can sometimes come off as arrogant, but only because you can’t stand ignorant and stupid people around you.

You’re hard-working and you always want to finish everything you start, never leave anything hanging.


If your pinky finger is type B, your hidden power is to always keep your cool, even in the middle of chaos and disarray.

You’re reserved when it comes to approaching new people and can often look shy until you get to know them.

You have a subtle soul but you don’t want people to notice it.

When it comes to relationships, you’re faithful and romantic and you devote 100% of yourself to your partner.

You’re strong-minded and dedicated to the task at hand. You want to finish everything you’ve started.

You can keep secrets and no one will ever be the wiser about the secrets you keep.

You’re scared of getting hurt so you like to keep to yourself. You want people to think that you don’t need anyone, but the truth is that you’re always dreaming of finding the ONE.


If your pinky finger is type C you’re not the type to hold a grudge, even at the people who’ve wronged you the most.

You get along with everyone around you and people know you to be extremely open and easy going.

You respect everyone’s opinion, even when they’re the opposite of your own.

You don’t like surprises and not knowing what’s going to happen makes you uncomfortable.

You always want to keep your troubles to yourself and don’t want to bother other people with your problems. This may cause problems with your partner, as they want to know what’s bothering you and want you to let them help you.

You’re not the type to sugar coat stuff and you always tell it as it is. You enjoy the company of people who value your honesty and who are honest themselves.