Laura decided to really get into the spooky Halloween spirit by ordering a body bag to hang outside her home.

The super-organised 36-year-old purchased the decoration a month ago for £10 ($18AUD) and it was expected to take that long to make its way from China to her front doorstep in Staffordshire.

However, when the much-anticipated parcel finally arrived – the British woman was left shocked when she excitedly unwrapped the supposed body bag to discover a sex doll.

“As funny as it is, I would imagine some parents may have some explaining to do!” she laughed.

“My partner saw the doll and he hasn’t stopped laughing at me since.

“I was quite shocked but mostly amused, I was wondering how to explain it to my other half and my family.”

“I got a sex doll instead of a body bag for Halloween”

But instead of asking for a refund or throwing it in the bin, the good-humoured woman decided to make the most out of the hilarious situation and has actually used the decoration… but has been extra careful by making sure nothing rude pops out when there’s trick or treaters turning up at her door.

“I covered it in black bin bags and paid extra attention to make sure they don’t slip off and reveal what it really is!” she exclaimed.

“Thousands of reactions came in on a Halloween group I posted it on”
Naturally, Laura had a mammoth reaction when she shared the pics and her story on Facebook with hundreds of people finding it just as hysterical as her and her partner both do.

“In a world of gloom at the moment, I think it’s cheered a few people up and made them laugh,” Laura said.

“Thousands of reactions came in on a Halloween group I posted it on, with other members saying they had ordered one but not opened it yet, I advised them to check it and it turns out they have had the same surprise.”