You may see a certain sign posted on people’s doors this Halloween, and if you do, you need to know what it means and avoid that home like the plague. The message it displays may seem simple, but it’s what’s behind it that’s important to be aware of.

For the first time, police are mandating sex offenders post warning signs on Halloween.

“No trick, no treat, no candy,” the posters in Louisiana’s St. Tammany and Washington parishes read, NOLA reports.

The words will serve to alert parents a sex offender lives in that home.

“There’s never been any problem I’m aware of,” said Kevin Hidalgo, district manager for the Probation and Parole office for St. Tammany and Washington parishes. “We just want to make sure there aren’t any problems we can prevent.”

You may also see another sign that says: “We do not participate in trick-or-treating.”

Only offenders still supervised by Probation and Parole are required to hang the signs.

Other offenders, while not required to post these signs, are still restricted from engaging in many Halloween activities. These include distributing candy to minors, wearing masks and disguises, keeping  porch lights on and opening the doors to children.

Authorities encourage parents to research state and parish sex offender registries online while planning where to send their kids trick-or-treating.

Each state has a website where parents can type in their ZIP code, which then provides a list of all offenders in the area.

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