Young An Washington state woman survives being stabbed and buried alive by estranged husband Chae Kyong An amid fight over impending divorce & finances.

A Washington state woman has survived being buried alive by her estranged husband after she was stabbed and placed in a shallow grave after managing to keep dirt off her face for a number of hours.

A Thurston County sheriff’s deputy responded about 1 a.m. Monday to a home in Lacey, about 60 miles southwest of Seattle, where Young An, 42, banged on the door pleading for help because her husband was trying to kill her, according to a release.

‘My husband is trying to kill me!’ a probable cause cited by NBC News stated.

‘She had duct tape still wrapped around her neck, lower face and ankles,’ the document said. ‘There was extensive bruising to her legs, arms and head and her clothing and hair were covered in dirt.’

Young’s hours-long nightmare began Sunday afternoon, when her husband, Chae Kyong An, 53, allegedly attacked her in her home during a fight about their divorce and finances, she told cops.

‘rather kill her than give her his retirement money,’
She said she managed to call 911 with her Apple Watch and sent a notification to her emergency contacts when he left the bedroom after duct-taping her, according to NBC News.

Chae then allegedly dragged her into the garage, where he broke her watch with a hammer and drove off with her, according to officials.

Young — who has a domestic violence protection order against her estranged husband — told investigators she heard him digging in the dirt before he stabbed her in her chest.

‘She was drug and put into the ground. … A heavy tree was put on top of her. After being put into the ground she could hear her husband walking around the hole and dirt being put on top of her,’ filed court document revealed.

Young said she managed to breathe by squirming to keep the dirt from suffocating her as she lay in the shallow grave for several hours before finally succeeding in tearing off the tape.

She took off running for about 30 minutes and found the home where she was saved just before 1 a.m. Monday.

The woman told police her husband had threatened her before, telling her that he would ‘rather kill her than give her his retirement money,’ the probable cause statement said.

Young An Washington state woman survives being stabbed & buried alive by estranged husband Chae Kyong An.

Shallow grave located in the woods

Investigators searched the area in the woods the victim described and found a ‘hole consistent with a grave type design,’ along with duct tape and the woman’s hair, KING 5 reported.

Cops spent hours hunting for Young after responding to her 911 call shortly before 1 p.m. Sunday and finding the garage door open, Lacey police said in a release.

Young’s children told police that their mom and dad were at the home but left to go to the store about a half-hour prior to them arriving, cops said.

‘Officers cleared the home and no one was located. There was used duct tape found in the home; it is believed to have been used on the victim,’ the statement added.

Police issued a missing-person alert, canvassed the area for the woman and recovered several surveillance videos.

Chae was arrested after a hiker spotted his 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan on a local trail.

The suspect has been held without bail and faces charges of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault, prosecutors said in the affidavit.

Chae An is due in court Thursday for a firearms review hearing, and his arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 1.