There’s nothing as delicious as a juicy burger hot off the grill. As my wife and I discovered this past season, the best way to get all the juices in the burger is to not squeeze it while you cook it. Flip the burger only once to cook on both sides.

The less you touch it, the juicer it can be. And if you’re like me, you love a good, juicy thick burger. But after one boy bit into his burger, he quickly discovered that his life was in danger.

It wasn’t from mad cow disease or some other kind of food allergy or problem. It was from something else that few people would suspect. His life was in danger because his parents had used a wire brush to clean the grill. And one of the wire pieces had gotten into the meat and punctured his digestive tract. His life was at risk…

Young Anthony Fiore loves his burger. But when a loose wire bristle from the grill brush got into his food, he ended up in the emergency room – and required multiple surgeries. A simple summer dinner turned into a horrible nightmare that no one expected.
But it could have been totally prevented if his parents hadn’t used a wire brush to clean the grill.

Not many people know about this threat. As soon as the weather warms up they heat up their grills and scraped them down with their wire brush. But that’s the first problem.

Anthony’s mother, Nadia, was horrified when her son started complaining about pains. But even before that, it started as a tickle in his throat. It rapidly evolved into a stabbing pain and Anthony was suddenly out of commission.

Something was obviously wrong. Anthony did not often complain like this. Because she loved her boy and was worried, she rushed him to the emergency room without asking too many questions.

Because the boy was moaning in pain, he was rushed into a room and given an X-ray without hesitation. As they waited for the results, the pain continued to get worse. Anthony had started screaming and writhing. His mother had to hold him down so he didn’t make it worse by accident.

The x-ray revealed a tiny wire bristle scouring his insides. The poor boy was being stabbed from it as it went down his esophagus and into his stomach.

The wire had gotten free from the wire brush that Nadia had used to clean the grill.

Anthony needed to have emergency surgery. If the bristle moved a bit, it could puncture his internal organs and he could have a more serious problem. At this point, he wasn’t terribly damaged.

The surgery was a success… until Anthony developed an infection days later. The bristle had been dirty and had caused the boy’s insides to get infect. He needed heavy doses of antibiotics. But he eventually recover fully.

Beware of using wire brushes to clean your grill because these sharp pieces and get into your food.