Few things are as uplifting as a young child with faith. It demonstrates how brave they are and how they are courageous enough to face the trials and tribulations of the world.

Nine-year-old Bailey Cooper was no exception. When doctors diagnosed him with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma at his age, his family was devastated. Bailey was distraught too, but he knew that a higher power was there to help him through the challenge.

Bailey fought cancer and won. Just months after his diagnosis, doctors revealed that he was in remission. Bailey, at the age of nine, had become a cancer survivor. A feat that anyone at any age can celebrate.

Again Bailey fought and won. The cancer went into remission, and his family hoped and prayed it would be the final time. But it wasn’t. That winter it returned. And doctors could not say for certain that they could save him.

Although Bailey felt defeated, he did not give up. He had plans to win. And because his mother had just gotten pregnant again, he wanted to beat cancer so he could meet his baby sister. The family prayed that he would get his wish. It was so noble and so honorable.

Bailey chose Millie. He loved her without having met her and could not wait to the day of her birth. And the impossible happened. He made it to the day Millie was born. It was a miracle.

Through it all, Bailey grew weaker and weaker. But his love grew larger and larger.

When God started to call Bailey up to Heaven, Bailey looked at his parents and bravely said: “I want to stay, but it’s my time to go, to become her guardian angel.”