A very kind young man discovered a cute baby boy as he was walking down the street one day. 4 years later, the child is living a good life after the man chose to take him in and raise him as his own. The inspiring story was shared from a TikTok handle @kala_kakapentoa, which shows a jaw-dropping transformation of the child since the time he began living with Kala.

The man, who took the baby in, revealed how he has been able to nurture him with the help of the child’s mother. Although babysitting the little one was quite a challenge, he continued to care for him. In the video, which has since gone viral, Kala showed people how the child has now grown into a 4-year-old boy.

He looked sharp in an adorable outfit and his first haircut. In the clip, there were several pictures of the man holding the child and posing together and it touched viewers as they recalled their own stories. “My mom picked one few years back. Beautiful girl. She’s 9 years old now, but still thinks my mom gave birth to her. We luv her so much,” shared user @kerenikwu according to Legit.

Source: TikTok

“I too have a son that’s not mine since he had no one to take care of him so I took him as my own.. this child will be a blessing to you trust me,” expressed another. “The king of blessings that will follow you ehnn, no room will contain them all. God bless you and the little one,” wrote a third. There were others who suggested the user to never tell the little boy where he found him. “Pls when he grows don’t tell him you picked him from the roadside pls pls. God bless your heart,” urged @athena04_6.

People like this Kala are rare to find. That’s why people were in awe of Ben Carpenter when his story broke out. The single father was just 21 when first adopted a young boy with autism and since then he has welcomed five more little munchkins with disability. “I’ve always known what I wanted. I never wanted to become a biological dad because being a parent is so much more than that. I wanted to help kids that were the most vulnerable and the ones that were most in need of a loving and caring home,” said the 38-year-old.