Little kids love gross things. My three-year-old son is already into bugs and dirt and even boogers (where do they learn these things?)!

Most little children enjoy putting their fingers in their noses and pulling out boogers.

They can either gross each other out with it or make their parents cringe!

Sometimes the boogers get eaten, but that is a whole other story, in this story, we learn about the somewhat disgusting world of snot.

A man went to the doctor because he had a clogged nostril.

What the doctor saw was unlike another other snot that he had ever seen!

This snot would have been a game changer on the playground!

The doctor was aware of this issue occurring in some people, and they usually have a history of nasal problems.

The doctor worked quickly because the flow of air was being restricted by the mucous.

It wasn’t easy battling the enormous ball of booger, but after a few minutes, the plug of mucous was slowing extracted.

The key was to use a steady hand so as not to break up the ball of snot on its way out (they wanted the whole thing to come out at the same time).

After that glowing build up is there any way that you could not watch the video below to see what came out of the guy’s nose?

Warning, some viewers may find it rather disturbing. It is something you won’t be able to unsee – click play if you dare!

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