We have all heard the stories about how we should be nice to our servers when we go to restaurants. But not all servers are worthy of that kind of treatment. Doug Woodward claims he was overcharged three times by a waitress at a Texas Roadhouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The third time, the waitress had added an extra $8 to the tip (which was originally $10 – so, she got $18 total). Woodward, a disabled veteran who is living on a fixed income can’t afford that kind of tampering and showed the receipt to the restaurant manager. Texas Roadhouse fired the waitress and told KXRM they would refund the entire dollar amount to Woodward.

Take a look at these receipts

veteran tip scam
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Be sure to check your receipts and make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of – and at the same time, don’t be cheap. Tip nice and be nice. Share away, people.