I’ve got to ask – where do all the pairs for my socks go? Do they get stolen by a Sock Goblin? Does my washing machine gobble them up whole?

If you’ve ever wondered why you seem to always be missing a small piece from your laundry load, then you’ll know the confusion it brings!

Image Credit: Public Domain Files

In California, Cathy Hinz and her husband have uncovered the secret behind the clothing disappearances of one family.

For a while, their washing machine had been repeatedly breaking down.

Being the managers of a manufactured home park, the couple are used to fixing things themselves, so they couldn’t understand why their repeated attempts to fix the machine didn’t work, but they kept getting called back to fix it again and again!

Image Credit: Twitter/Sarah Rose

In one final attempt before resorting to calling a professional, Cathy’s husband decided to take apart the drainage area of the machine to see if he could find the source of the problem.

What he discovered was completely shocking and hilarious!

Image Credit: Flickr/bark

The entire drainage area was completely stuffed full of small pieces of clothing!

There were socks and underwear, and even a credit card, and then a full $7 worth of change stuck in the water pump! It was just completely full.

No wonder the machine was going wonky!

Cathy and her husband were lost for words. They’d never once encountered anything like this.

Maybe there’s some truth to that Sock Monster tale after all!

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