Diane Augler felt like her world was destroyed when she discovered that her husband Mark’s breathing issues was diagnosed as fatal pulmonary fibrosis. Mark, 52, was diagnosed with colon cancer had a successful surgery in order to get rid of the tumor.

Doctors suggested that he undergo chemotherapy in order to stop the cancer from traveling to other parts of his body, however the chemo left him with severe scarring of the lung tissue.

Mark life would be cut short and would not be living past a few more days. He feared that he would not be alive in order to see his daughter being born. His wife Diane was completely devastated about this news. She couldn’t believe this was real until the doctor spoke to her privately asked “when are you going to have this baby?”

She was due on January 29th, but doctors predicted Mark wouldn’t survive another week. It was January 16th.
Diane had wanted a natural birth but when her dying husband said “I’d like to see the baby,” Diane decided to induce on January 18th. Doctors and hospital staff pulled all the strings they could and arranged for a large delivery room to accommodate both Diane and Mark’s medical needs.

With two hospital beds pushed together, Mark lay beside his wife as she gave birth to their fifth child, Savannah. Mark held his baby girl for 45 minutes after she was born and the family spent the next few emotional days together in the hospital. As each day passed, Mark grew weaker until he fell into a coma on January 21st.

“If she cried, he would shake his head and moan. I put her on him when he was in the coma a few times and his hand would move toward her,” said Diane. Two days later Mark died surrounded by his family. As his heart rate dropped Diane placed Savannah in Marks arms. He cradled his baby girl all the way to his final breath.