In Mississippi, a mother was away from home, having left her young son in the care of a 27-year-old man, when her phone rang. Seeing that it was the boy’s babysitter, she answered, only to find out he called her on accident and had no clue they were connected when the woman heard everything going on and called the police.

John Elias Taylor III was watching the child at his home in the town of D’Iberville when he got overly caught up in what he was doing and mistakenly dialed the boy’s mother. It’s unclear where she was at the time, but she had entrusted her child to the wrong person, and unfortunately, she found out the hard way when she heard it all happening from the phone and was helpless to do anything about it, except to send police.

As soon as the unnamed mother picked up the phone, she heard her little boy screaming for Taylor to stop. The babysitter ignored his begging when the woman could hear whipping and realized her son was being abused. According to the Sun Herald, Taylor had taken a seat during the whipping, to get more comfortable and continue hurting the child, when he plopped down on his phone and called the mom, unbeknownst to him.

Horrified at what she was hearing, she hung up and called the police, with her son’s screams still ringing through her head and piercing her heart. She raced back to her child and rescued him from the monster. Police arrived around the same time and saw the injuries to the boy along with what the mom told them she heard on the phone.

“He had some bruising in places he shouldn’t have had it,” Capt. Marty Griffin said. Having ensured his own demise by butt-dialing the mother during the abuse, Taylor was taken to jail and booked on $50,000 bond for felony child abuse. Perhaps it was by divine intervention that his phone mishap occurred since the child would have like suffered much more if the mom didn’t intervene.

Taylor is lucky that the woman didn’t flip the script and use his own whip against him when she arrived. It’s unclear how they know each other for him to be trusted enough to babysit her child, but this goes to show that you can never to be too sure about who you leave your children with.