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On election day, one of the most unexpected votes came from Montana.

Whether or not to guarantee medical treatment for infants delivered alive at any time during pregnancy, including those delivered after failed abortions, was up to voters in a Republican-backed initiative.

Voters in Montana had the choice of supporting or opposing the passage of Legislative Referendum 131.

The vote was called by The Associated Press on Thursday afternoon.

And conservatives around the country were perplexed by the outcome.

According to Fox News, 52.4% of Montanans voted against the referendum with 95.5% of the vote cast, compared to 47.6% who did.

“If residents had voted ‘Yes,’ the referendum would have resulted in the enactment of a law guaranteeing any infant born alive at any stage of pregnancy protections as a “legal person,” and penalizing any healthcare provider who fails to give these babies adequate medical care.

Pro-life Twitter users expressed their outrage that Montana residents voted to deny the referendum:

Fox News added:

Defense attorney and conservative commentator Marina Medvin tweeted, “Police are required to give medical care to homicidal maniacs who shoot at them. Society demands that convicted serial killers be given medical care and food in prison. But Montana says that innocent babies should not be given milk or medical care. This doesn’t compute.”

Pro-life user “Eudaimonia” tweeted, “Colorado moved to legalize shrooms and Montana says that babies born prematurely aren’t legal persons but tell me more about the slippery slope ‘fallacy.’”

The March for Life Twitter account lamented the vote, tweeting, “Abortion has wounded our nation so deeply that we are refusing to ensure proper medical care for newborn infants.”

Actor and conservative James Woods wrote, “For a state to vote against compassionate care for an infant born alive is unimaginable, expected MAYBE from the usual moral hellholes like NY and CA, of course, but Montana?!  The Left’s war on the unborn is legendary, grooming now sadly part of their jihad, but outright murder?”

Conservative journalist Ian Miles Cheong put it bluntly, tweeting, “It’s now legal to kill babies in Montana. America is so f—–.”

Pro-life activist Abby Johnson was disturbed by the results of the vote, tweeting, “I’m horrified that even ONE person would vote in Montana to deny babies healthcare after they’ve already been born. They’re basically saying they want the babies left out to die. We need Jesus to save our nation. Desperately.”

Daily Wire senior editor Cabot Phillips remarked, “Montana has voted to let babies die on operating tables if they survive an abortion attempt. We deserve the judgment we will face for our wickedness.”