A Lady whose identity was not disclosed has taken to Social Media (Facebook) to narrate her ordeal after Her Fiancee proposed to her and travelled to Overseas in 2014, and since has not return to marry her.

It was gathered that the Lady who is in her thirty, stated that before her Fiancee travelled out of the country, they were both in Love as the Love among them kept growing each day that some refer to their relationship as a Perfect one.

Juanitabless reported that the Anonymous Lady disclosed that before her fiancee travelled out, she made a promise to her that she will never Cheat on him or Marry someone else because they plan to live together forever as couples.

In her statement, she said;
“I so much love my Fiancee and I made a promise to him that I’ll not cheat on him or Marry someone else until his return because we planned to live together forever in the future”, She said.

She also disclosed a Picture with a ring on it seeking advice on what to do. If she should break the promise as many suitors are asking for her hands in marriage. But she strongly believes she will wait for her Fiancee.

“My boyfriend Proposed to me in 2008, See what the ring has done to my Finger, should I remove it or keep it to make him Happy, Please advise me”, She further said.

Some Facebook users poured out their hearts to her concerning her story and below is the screenshots;

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