The Parents in Lyons, Illinois, are furious after they learn that the local school board and superintendents hired an attempted murder suspect.

During last year’s summer, a man by the name of Andres Rodriguez had been charged with attempted murder. Prosecutors state that he got into a brawl with another man, a gun was pulled and he shot the other person seven times. As of now, he has not been convicted.

A year later, Andres got a job via Lyons School District 103. He became a teacher of a sixth grade English class for about two months but then was placed on paid leave. The school district stated they were not aware of his charged until last week, even though Andres was fired from two other school districts.

Now parents are wondering what happened. How did this attempted murder suspect get hired to teach children?!
According to school board members, they never see background checks during the hiring process — all they see is the applicant’s name. The principal gives the board a recommendation, then the board votes.

Parents, community members, and local leaders are calling for a complete overhaul of the hiring process, as well as the resignation of the school district’s superintendents. State and local political leaders want to bring in new legislation that would require potential employees to disclose all pending charges and convictions.

Watch the video below to learn more about the situation. How would you feel if this man was a teacher in your school district?