A pregnant mother was killed Friday night in Indianapolis in a shooting that also left her pregnant cousin critically wounded.

Relatives mourning the death of Ariana Holston, 22, told local media outlets that she was excited to give birth to a daughter this fall.

The six-months-pregnant Holston, who is survived by her two sons, sustained multiple gunshot wounds while sitting in her car Friday.

The vehicle was parked in a lot close to a beauty supply store.

According to police, Holston’s cousin, who is also pregnant, was also shot multiple times while inside the car.

Holston was transported to a hospital where she and her unborn child were later pronounced dead.

The cousin remains in critical condition.

Speaking to WXIN, relatives said Holston was excited to have a daughter after having two boys.

Holston’s family told WRTV they believe the shooting wasn’t random, and that it stemmed from a misunderstanding.

They also told the station they hope the story of what happened to Holston will encourage others to settle matters peacefully and not with violence.

At this point, no arrests have been made.