A dog named Snoop was abandoned on the streets earlier this year. We covered the story here. He begged his owner and sprinted after his automobile, but he still ended up on the streets.

The dog was dropped off on the streets and was captured on a surveillance camera in our previous article. The dog was begging the owner not to leave and running after his vehicle when he abandoned him on the side of the road.

Despite this tragic ordeal, Snoop is currently content. He was rescued by the RSPCA and later adopted by Laurence Squire. After seeing what happened to Snoop in the news, Laurence Squire was as touched and saddened as everyone else.

The quantity of people who wanted to adopt Snoop was large, and there was a rumour that Snoop Dogg himself wanted to adopt the dog. Laurence, however, was the one who finally succeeded in taking him home.

Snoop is a very devoted dog. He is now receiving a lot of attention and love from his new family because his new father works from home. Snoop is now back to his active, playful, and loving self.

Snoop was rescued by the RSPCA and soon adopted by a kind man named Laurence Squire.


Any people wanted to adopt the dog, but Lawrence was the fortunate recipient of Snoop’s heart.


Snoop has settled in with his new family. Because Squire works from home, he spends a lot of time with him.


His new family showers him with love and affection. Snoop is now back to being playful, loving, and energetic.


“It was Squire’s belief that the dog seemed like the ideal match for her and that she could provide him with a good home. As soon as he entered the house for the first time, he jumped onto the couch and chose a spot for himself, as if he had decided it was his space. He likes to lie in front of the fire, especially if I turn the fire on.”

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