A group of soldiers went to the Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill in Tacoma, Washington to have a meal. Once it was time for them to pay for their food, they spotted a surprising note scribbled on their receipt.

This picture was posted to instagram via the user sgtseahawk, which shows an example of how in this country should treat our service members. In the picture, a note was written that said, “Thanks for your service gentlemen.” According to KING 5, “A Marine veteran anonymously picked up the bill for active soldiers.”

The Instagram user explained the note in the post, “Every time I think that no one cares that I’m a Soldier or about my sacrifice,… Someone redeems my faith in society. Thank You ‘Former Marine’ for your Sacrifice and generosity! HOOAH!!!”

Immediately, the news outlet contacted “sgtseahawk” later in order to get his take on things, and they were lucky enough to get a reply in the comment section of the photo. According to the soldier, “A former Marine picked up the bill. He didn’t introduce himself or even allow us a moment to say ‘Thank You’! I just want to give this stranger some recognition for his kindness to Soldiers. It’s such a rare thing. This random act of kindness… Made my day.”

There’s nothing better in this world than a giving person who doesn’t want the credit for their good deed, especially if that person is someone who has also put his or her life on the line to keep us all safe. Although this particular Marine may not have actually gotten a pat on the back at the time, he’s certainly getting one now.

In fact, many people on social media were thrilled by what happened. “I wish more civilians would do this. It is a great morale booster to be appreciated by those whom you serve,” one social media user pointed out, while another talked about God, saying, “I’ve paid the tab for groups of soldiers, local cops and older couples not wearing jewelry and fancy clothes. Never left a clue, always left first. God says, PAY THAT TICKET!, and I pay it gladly. Even the speeding ones. Good feeling.” Yet another user added, “A great gesture indeed. I hope he doesn’t forget to tip the waitress.”

Although most of us would love to offer a generous gift like this to a service member, some simply cannot afford to do it. However, one user offered a solution for those whose financial situation limits their ability to pay by saying, “I may not pick up the tabs of our military service members, but I never fail to walk over, shake their hand and thank them. If I am in a store and run across someone wearing a ball cap that identifies them as a veteran of any war, I walk up and do the same thing. Met some really nice older gentlemen that way. For any of you out there – thank you for your sacrifice and your service. Real Americans are not ashamed to recognize your dedication to our nation.”

The fact that the man who footed the bill was a former Marine just makes this story all the better. Too many people in America certainly don’t give our military service members enough credit for what they do, but stories such as these only prove why it’s so important. Although they never would demand the attention or ask to be given a “free meal,” the feeling of appreciation for their sacrifices goes a long way.