A father in South Carolina is enraged after his 5 year old daughter was involved in a scary, horrific situation that left her looking very different than how she did when she went to school that morning.

If he didn’t notice the mark on her face, he would of never realized what what this sick teen did to her with the help of someone else’s hand.

Jasmine has taken the Bamberg County school bus to and from campus each day without incident until an older black boy got on board.

Tavon Walters took issue with the little girl and trapped her in her seat, where he carried out what he felt like he needed to do.

Now, Jasmine’s father wants to know how a high school kid got on the kindergartner’s bus and why the school is refusing to do anything about what was done to his daughter by a kid with a sickening history.

According to WRDW/WAGT, Jasmine’s parents could immediately tell something was wrong the second she stepped foot off the bus. When they got home, they asked their little girl what happened, and she turned her head and showed them what was on her face, which had been put there by Tavon.

She explained that the teen was sitting in front of her when he reached over the seat and said to her friend, “If you don’t hit her then I’m going to hit her for you,” then immediately followed through on that threat.

Tavon grabbed the hand of the child sitting next to Jasmine and slapped the innocent girl with it, leaving a welted red handprint on her left cheek. The little girl was terrified and could barely say a word when she stepped off the bus and into her parent’s arms.

Although the entire incident was caught on surveillance video, the Bamberg District One Superintendent doesn’t seem to feel that there’s anything unusual about what Tavon did, nor was it something that the father needed to be informed of, despite the fact that this 17-year-old has a criminal rap sheet and shouldn’t have been with kids this young.

The parents reported the incident to the police since the district wasn’t doing anything about it. A warrant for the teen’s arrest was issued on Monday, and Tavon turned himself in on Tuesday morning. Police say that the boy has a criminal history of other arrests related to assault, adding to the father’s rage about why he was allowed to ride with kids so much younger than him.

The superintendent said that nothing that happened on the bus was “abnormal,” including the fact that he was riding with kindergartners. She claims that it’s common for kids of all ages in rural districts to share a bus, and this is why they have assigned seating.