Screams were heard from an old trailer home in Alabama over a span of couple days. Finally, someone made the decision to inform police and dial 911 about the echoing screams and disturbing sounds. Once officers arrived on the scene and cracked open the front door, they were shocked by the sight they walked in on, and even more disturbed as to it all happened.

Three women had a goal in mind, going after one item that would be the very symbol of their crimes, but there was only one person who was standing in their way. A separate woman, who they once called a friend, ended up becoming their hostage and sacrificed her life for their greed. After days of torturing the victim, now deceased, the three women responsible still didn’t get what they wanted because justice swooped in to stop them first.

Miranda Michelle Lynch, 34, shared a trailer house in Birmingham with her boyfriend and another roommate, 57-year-old Karen Kirby. Lynch’s boyfriend borrowed Kirby’s car on August 5 to go pick up his food stamps (Electronic Benefits Card), when he got in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition, where he remained until the following week. His prognosis wasn’t great, but he was ultimately expected to pull through. However, Kirby and her two criminal co-conspirators assumed he was as good as dead.

The roommate, along with her 39-year-old daughter, Susan Otts, and a third woman, 43-year-old Tamara Giarrusso, went to the trailer house where Lynch would be between hospital visits to her man. Little did Lynch know, she would never make it back to the hospital for another visit to her loved one.

Her fate was sealed when the three gruesome gals demanded Lynch forfeit her boyfriend’s personal information, including his social security number, and she refused. No one could blame her for denying their demands, considering what they planned to do with it. However, no one would expect what would follow either.

Miranda Michelle Lynch

The three despicable women wanted the man’s food stamp benefits, and when they thought he would inevitably die from his injuries, they took it as an opportunity to duplicate his welfare benefits. Their own welfare was probably not enough for these greedy gluttons, so they wanted to double down to get more, and there was only one way in their twisted minds to do it.

Lynch stood in the way of them getting more free government money, so in an act that is the absolute epitome of entitlement, the women beat the girlfriend senseless when they didn’t get what they wanted. But it didn’t stop there.

“I didn’t think this story could get any worse, but obviously as we have learned, it can and it did,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian told of the heinous things that transpired after Lynch’s resistance.

The women held Lynch in her ramshackle house of horrors for days, constantly beating her until she died from the abuse. When police arrived, Kirby was with the victim’s battered and bloody body in the home’s only bathroom, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

The other two killers, who helped Kirby, weren’t at the trailer at the time authorities showed up, but they were soon found and brought to justice for the despicable things they did to this woman over food stamps. All three were arrested and charged with kidnapping and capital murder, and they are now being held without bond.